Rachel Tunnard – Writer Director and Editor

Rachel dreams of having a waterslide from her bedroom to a swimming pool and for people to bring her coconut macaroons when she rings a bell. She will thrash you at swimming. Maybe.

adult life skill: to be able to read her own handwriting

childhood ambition: For Luke in Star Wars to be her big brother

teenage crush: Kurt Cobain, Jordan Catalano in My So Called Life, and her cousins best friend who STILL DOESN’T KNOW SHE IS ALIVE


Michael Berliner – Producer

Michael likes his wife, films, science, technology and skiing, in that order. He currently has a 14:1 ratio of produced short and feature films – although his start in the industry was as a drugged up kid in Brass Eye.

The Adult Life Skill you need: Accepting that my wife’s to-do lists have a place in my life

Childhood ambition: To be the green Power Ranger

Teenage crush: Pink Power Ranger Kimberley, Phoebe in Friends, and Mena Suvari in American Beauty


Jodie Whittaker – Anna

I’m that lass off the telly you might have seen in something else.



Attack the Block…

Black Mirror?

Come on, you must have seen one of them!

The adult life skill you need – To dance like a legend without sweating like a wet dog.

Childhood ambition – To be a pro surfer, with a lovely tan.

Teenage crush – Keanu Reeves…FITTTTTT!

DP Bet Rourich

Bet Rourich – Director of Photography

Bet (yes, no h at the end) comes from Barcelona and her actual name is Elisabet. She spends most of her time waiting in the line at the airports of Barcelona, Berlin and London. Adult Life Skills is her tenth feature, her first in the UK.

Adult Life Skill she needs: to read like Short Circuit’s Number 5.

Childhood ambition: To meet Enid Blyton and help her write more Famous Five books ( She didn’t know she was already dead)

Teenage crush: The Goblin King (aka David Bowie)

Paul Ashton thumb

Paul Ashton – Executive Producer

Paul was forced to watch Kurosawa films as a small child, but after a timely intervention by social services he realised his true calling in life – and decided to become a failed academic.

The Adult Life Skill you need: to be more like the Hoff in every way

Childhood ambition: to change my name to Jack

Teenage crush: Daisy Duke

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Richard Holmes – Executive Producer

Richard Holmes works in the film industry. He has a beard.
The Adult Life Skill you need: To remember to take his pills when his brushes his teeth

Childhood ambition: To grow a beard

Teenage crush: Every single girl in the sixth form

Exec producer Ken Marshall

Ken Marshall – Exec Producer

As a child, Ken watched his first Betamax films (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars and George A Romero’s Creepshow) a gazillion times. Subsequently, he has produced six feature films and two cute children.

The adult life skill you need: Basic DIY skills

Your childhood ambition: Alex P Keaton (although I would renounce the Republican Party in later years)

Your teenage crush: Kelly Le Brock


Casting Director – Des Hamilton

A friend’s pit bull dragged a stray cat on to his verandah by the neck, half dead, there was blood everywhere, his little sister screaming and all. I kicked ‘Thor’ out of the house and put the cat out of it’s misery with my bare hands.
With my bare hands. I was 14.

What’s the Adult Life Skill You need?
1 week intensive ‘Thumb Photography’ course.

Childhood ambition?
To play for Celtic Football Club.

Teenage crush?
Laura Brannigan.

Costume designer Becky Gore

Becky Gore – Costume Designer

Becky has been clothing famous folk for quite a while now, having designed oodles of features including BAFTA Nominated ‘Shell’ 2012, and ‘EXAM’ 2009 to name but a few. She’s also been Nominated for Best Costume Design for ‘Gods Acre’ at the International Film Festival 2016.

Adult life skill: Learning to love Excell Spreadsheets

Childhood Ambition: To become a Ghostbuster

Childhood Crush: Bill Murray / Most of the Lost Boys

1 sexy thumb

Paul Fraser – Script Editor

Biog: in the 20-something-th year of his career Paul discovered that it is pretty easy to nod when more talented people talk about stories and then make suggestions regurgitated from old episodes of quantum leap. He has also yet to master the art of punctuation: speling; and, humour also and sentence structure.

Skill needed: to fix a loose boom on an old ship if it were to break during a heavy storm
Ambition: to fill my entire window with Diet Coke cans and cover every inch of my bedroom with smash hits
Crush: ester ransom, bungle (from rainbow), ally mcbeal, lassie, Kim Wilde, the gimpish one in cell block H, the rest are now in jail following the recent troubles and cannot be mentioned

Brett goldstein

Brett Goldstein – Brendan

Brett is an actor and a writer and a stand up and a swimmer.  He wrote and starred in SuperBob.  He has massive eyebrows.

The adult life skill you need:  The ability to endure small talk without self harming.

Your childhood ambition:  To be a stunt man.

Your teenage crush:  Michelle Pfeiffer.


Rachael Deering – Fiona

Rachael has recently enrolled on a learn-to-sew course and hopes to soon be able to make her first pair of curtains.
Adult life skill: to be able to jump start a car (without supervision!)

Childhood ambition: to be a Blue Peter presenter

Childhood Crush: Ryan Giggs


Lorraine Ashbourne – Marion

Lots of gritty (and some not so gritty ) Northern dramas with some funny stuff.

Distant Voices/ Still Lives
Playing The Field
True Dare Kiss
London Spy

Adult life skill: To pluck up the courage to have a really massive haircut – a good cut could be the making of me.

Childhood ambition:To be a builder  – I love the outdoors.

Teen crush: Donny Osmond / David Cassidy sandwich. Convinced that Donny, if we were ever lucky enough to meet me, would fancy me.

Jean - Eileen Davies

Eileen Davies – Jean

Specialises in the battered and barmy but would be open to offers for the new James Bond

Adult Life Skill. Be able to tie a bowline behind my back

Childhood ambition.  To be a spy

Teenage crush. Charlton Heston in Ben Hur

Alice - Alice Lowe (does Rachel have higher quality_)

Alice Lowe – Alice

Alice is an actress writer and director, co-writer of Sightseers, star of Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, and director of forthcoming Prevenge!


Adult life skill i need: wearing age appropriate clothes

childhood ambition: to meet Shakin’ Stevens

Teenage Crush: Jareth from Labyrinth/Keanu Reeves/the fox cartoon version of Robin Hood

Terry Tunnard (Rachel's Dad)

Terry Tunnard – Rachel’s Dad

After an illustrious career making sweets, Terry hoped retirement would bring much needed rest and relaxation. Sadly his availability only resulted in a new career as an unwilling participant in most of Rachel’s film activities.

Fact: He doesn’t say ‘hello’ when he answers the phone to Rachel, he just says: ‘what now?’

Fact: The shed in Emotional Fusebox fell on him and people thought he was dead.

Fact: He knows exciting secrets like which motorway has nougat buried underneath it.


ALS : Managing bossy women

Ambition: To be a footballer

Teenage crush: The girl who looked after the firework club in my local newsagents.